—  The Jackson County Arts Council has moved to the second floor of the new Courthouse Library Complex.  Coinciding with the physical move, the JCAC is also changing its virtual address.  The new web address is www.jacksoncountyarts.org, and is still in development.  Grant forms and instructions for application are available at the website as well as membership information.  Residents of Jackson County and friends of the JCAC are invited to visit both sites.

“We are very excited about the new office of the Arts Council,” said Board President Victoria Casey-McDonald, “the new office is very accessible and is located on the second floor, just outside the Community Room.  We hope that people will stop in and say hello whenever they are attending an event in the complex.”  Casey-McDonald added that the Arts Council is actively seeking volunteers to help staff the office and represent the arts council whenever the Community Room is in use.  Anyone interested in assisting in this capacity can call the office at (828) 587- ARTS (2787) and their call will be returned by a board member with additional information.

The Jackson County Arts Council is actively seeking new member support to replace diminishing funds from traditional government agencies.  “We need members of the community who believe in the value of the arts to join us,” said Vice-President Sylvia Smythe.  “We will be calling on our friends to help us grow our membership base so that we can continue to support traditional venues for the arts as well as introduce new ones.”

The Jackson County Arts Council was founded in 1976 by Dr. Perry Kelly, former art professor and head of the Art Department at Western Carolina University.  The JCAC believes that exposure to the arts, and participation in the arts, are uniquely important to every community and should be encouraged and supported.  The Jackson County Arts Council is located in the Jackson County Courthouse Library complex and online at www.jacksoncountyarts.org.



Sylva, N.C. – 8/15/2011.  Jackson County Arts Council in Jackson County has been awarded $11,889 from the North Carolina Arts Council as part of their designated county partners program.

The funds will be used to support a wide variety of programs in Jackson County in the arts, including arts in education, community development, and multi-cultural programs.

State funds allow Jackson County to provide quality arts programming for students and adults while also sustaining our local economy.

Last year, Jackson County provided programming for approximately 9,500 individuals.   A highlight of our support was the commission of an original composition by David Sampson, performed by the Smoky Mountain Brass Quintet at the opening of the new Library Complex.   Among other programs that were supported by funding, were Bridging Jackson Communities, the Civic Orchestra, the Community Chorus, and Catch the Spirit of Appalachia.

“The support of our grants program by the General Assemble during these economically challenging times demonstrates the role the arts play in our economy and our quality of life, “ said Mary B. Reagan executive director of the N.C. Arts Council.  “Nonprofit arts organizations employ workers, stimulate commerce, generate tax revenues and help communities retain their vibrancy.”

More than 8.7 million people participated in N.C. Arts Council-funded projects last year in schools, senior centers, museums, concert halls and community centers.  Nearly 2.9 million of these were children and youth.

The N.C. Arts Council awards grant money each year to provide diverse arts experiences for citizens in all 100 counties of N.C.  In fiscal year 2011-2012, the Arts Council is expected to distribute $6.4 million in state and federal grant funds to arts organizations, schools and other nonprofit organizations that sponsor arts programs.

For further information, please contact Jackson County Arts Council, Room 201, 310 Keener Street, Sylva, N.C. 28779 at 828-587-2787.  Grant application forms and membership applications may be found on the website: www.jacksoncountyarts.org.

The N.C. Arts Council, www.ncarts.org, is a division of the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, the state agency with the mission to enrich lives and communities and the vision to harness the state’s cultural resources to build North Carolina’s social, cultural and economic future.  Information on Cultural Resources is available at www.ncculture.com.