Jackson County Green Energy Park, Blacksmithing is Back!

Create your own

Campfire Tools

Saturday & Sunday, April 20th

1:30 – 5:30 pm both days

Cost $150, due at registration

What to Expect:

Beginners and experienced smiths alike are welcome to join in building their own
campfire equipment and accessories! Students will have flexibility in this creative
atmosphere and can choose from an array of projects: eating utensils, lantern stands,
tripods, hooks, fire pokers, etc. The focus will be on building tripods and grills,
but students should feel free to come with their own ideas. Those without experience
need not fear, as many fundamental techniques will be covered throughout the course.
Not only will you learn an age old craft, but you will create products for practical
use in the process, not to mention making all your friends jealous.

Space is limited.